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Investment Management
Asset allocation designed for your specific financial circumstances: Groom Financial Advisory will help you design an asset allocation that matches your financial goals, investment time horizon, and volatility preference. We believe a portfolio strategy based on asset allocation is the most effective way to maximize returns while minimizing risks. We start with a customized target allocation between equities, fixed income, alternative investments, and cash. This initial asset allocation is specified and documented in the Investment Policy Statement.
Investment supervision: Once the appropriate asset allocation has been designed, we invest the assets in low-cost, tax-efficient mutual funds and exchange traded funds. In terms of equities, we take into account market capitalization (small, mid, and large), investment style (value, blend, and growth), industries and sectors, and the split between domestic and international stocks. On the fixed income side, we determine the appropriate weighting between government and corporate bonds, the duration and maturity, the ratings, and the amount of domestic versus foreign exposure. Alternative investments, such as commodities and real estate investment trusts (REITs) can be appropriate for a portion of one’s portfolio for further diversification. 

We frequently review clients’ portfolios making tactical changes when warranted and rebalancing them to maintain the target asset allocation. We also make adjustments as clients make additions to, or withdrawals from, their accounts. 
Client Communications: Client's utilizing our investment management services receive a high degree of communication. We send out our Quarterly Commentary which can include our thoughts on where the economy and markets have been and are going, as well as our current investment strategy. Twice a year we invite each client to meet with us for a Portfolio Review. This gives us a chance to see how our investments are performing, how comfortable the client is with the model portfolio choice, and to discuss any life changes that may affect the asset allocation. It is also a chance to address any financial planning issues outside of investments. During the Portfolio Review, each client receives annual reports which include performance review, unrealized gain/loss statements for cost basis tracking, realized gain/loss statements for tax purposes, and transaction reports showing dividends and interest.

Investment Management Services include:

  • Fiduciary responsibility from the planner
  • Risk Tolerance Assessment
  • Asset Allocation and Portfolio Design that matches the client's goals, investment time horizon, and risk tolerance
  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Meetings and communications necessary for the client to monitor and discuss the investments
  • Portfolio supervision including trading and monitoring
  • Aggressive tax management in taxable accounts
  • Quarterly Commentary and Semi-Annual Portfolio Review
  • Semi-Annual Performance, Transaction and Gain/Loss Reports

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