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Welcome to Groom Financial Advisory, where clients find a dedicated partner in navigating finance complexities. The firm simplifies the ever-changing financial landscape, empowering individuals to achieve goals with confidence. From comprehensive planning to tailored investment strategies, Groom Financial Advisory guides clients every step of the way.

Fee-Only Approach

At Groom Financial Advisory, transparency and integrity are paramount. As a Fee-Only practice, the firm prioritizes clients’ best interests above all else. Compensation is solely based on assets under management or project fees, ensuring there are no hidden agendas or conflicts of interest. Clients experience financial guidance free from sales pressure, commissions, or third-party incentives.

Inclusive Service Model

With offices in Virginia Beach and Richmond, Groom Financial Advisory proudly serves clients across the Commonwealth and beyond. Embracing inclusivity, clients from all backgrounds and situations are invited to embark on a tailored journey towards financial clarity and security, with their unique circumstances understood, respected, and prioritized.

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Free personal consultation

Explore the benefits of a complimentary Discovery Meeting. This no-cost, no-obligation discussion, whether held over the phone or in person, allows individuals to explore their financial aspirations and requirements, tailoring services to their unique goals and needs.

Plot your course

When individuals are prepared to map out their financial journey, Groom Financial Advisory collaborates to determine the services and client tracks that align best with their needs. The financial planning process is often an enlightening experience for many clients, fostering greater peace of mind.

Empowering Financial Futures

At Groom Financial Advisory, Marshall H. Groom, Jr. is committed to delivering approachable and impartial financial guidance to individuals from diverse backgrounds. Through his professional, Fee-Only approach, he aims to empower clients to make informed decisions for their financial well-being. As a dedicated consumer advocate and fiduciary, Marshall prioritizes the best interests of his clients. Whether individuals are embarking on their financial journey or safeguarding their assets, Marshall provides ongoing support and guidance.

Retirement Planning

Assisting clients in strategically preparing financially for retirement by setting personalized goals, assessing existing financial resources, and crafting comprehensive strategies to ensure a comfortable retirement lifestyle.

Investment Management

Assisting clients in strategically managing their investments to achieve and sustain long-term financial goals while carefully considering risk tolerance and prevailing market conditions.

College Savings

Developing customized savings plans and investment strategies to effectively fund higher education expenses for clients’ children or grandchildren, ensuring their educational aspirations are met.

Estate Planning

Helping clients protect and distribute their assets according to their wishes through wills, trusts, and other estate planning tools.

Tax Planning

Minimizing tax liabilities and maximizing overall tax efficiency through strategic planning and investment decisions.

Risk Management & Insurance

Assessing insurance needs and recommending coverage for protection against unexpected events such as disability, illness, or death.


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